Throughout the entire year, Pond Pros of Houston is available for on site consultations. We will gladly share our knowledge and troubleshooting skills with you at your residence.  Consultation services start at $75.00 and vary dependent on mileage and scope of visit. Our initial consultation also includes a brief written summary of issues discussed and proposal for any future materials and labor needed.



Pond Cleanings

    Generally we recommend that ponds and water features be cleaned on an annual basis. In our opinion the ideal time of year to clean the pond is spring through early summer.  In some cases ponds can also be cleaned in the fall to early winter.  Pond Cleanings are priced dependent on size of pond and mileage. 

    Our pond cleaning service includes:

        Drain pond and place fish in holding tank

        Pressure wash all surfaces in the pond

        Vacuum all debris from the bottom of the pond

        Disassemble, clean and reassemble all mechanical components of pond (pumps, filters etc.)

        Add water and introduce de-chlorinator

        Re-introduce fish

    Additionally, we can re-pot any plants in the pond for $10-20.00 per re-potting depending on size of pot. Re-potting plants in the spring insures that the plant will have a productive and vigorous growth season through the summer.

    Because of the extra time needed to properly clean a pond with gravel at the bottom of it, we do charge an additional fee.

    Please call or E-mail us for a free quote. Mention this web site and receive a FREE biological treatment good for one month. 


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  For those of you who want the pinnacle of care for your pond, Pond Pros of Houston offers regular maintenance to all sizes of ponds. We recommend maintenance on a monthly basis. Maintenance includes; fertilizing plants, clean or backwash filter, maintain pump, test water parameters, and treat pond with biological additives. Cost of maintenance is dependent on size of pond and mileage. Please call 281-639-4476 or Email for a free quote.


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